One World Orgasm
International Orgasm Day 2011

Monday 8 August 2011

13th annual!

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imitation is the highest form of flattery :-)


To celebrate body energy, ecstasy, pleasure, delight...
(maybe even a little less crime/war/violence for a day!).


8 August 2011
(Eleventh annual!)
A celebration as big as any holiday, with as much anticipation, less anxiety, and more fulfillment than waiting for Santa...
Write it in your planning calendar now!!
Pass the word on to your friends


Wherever this message is heard...from Alaska to Zimbabwe (in range of alphabet and temperature)...Where will you be?


The whole world joining together to celebrate orgasm...
solo, in couples, in groups...monosexually, bisexually, homosexually, heterosexually ...
(mechanically?! - as with an "Orgasmitron" in Woody Allen's film "Sleeper")...
Whatever the method, focusing on positive energy celebration and fun!!... What will you do?


Proclaimed by aleXander Hirka

Artists send your event-inspired artwork to be displayed in the OWO Art gallery;
accessible from the link below) now or later to
aleXander's e-mail.

• Spread the word! Show your orgasmic pride! •

Sexy t-shirts, bumperstickers, and other playful goodies
to celebrate and spread the word and fun
of this
13th Annual 2011 celebration
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